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K2 KLIMA FRESH is an extremely effective and easy to use air conditioning refresher. It removes unpleasant odors that arise as a result of dirt and moisture in the ventilation system. The whole process does not take more than several minutes. Suitable for all types of air conditioning. It leaves a fresh scent after use.



1. Close all doors and windows.

2. Set the airflow to maximum strength, recirculation to closed circuit, cold air conditioning.

3. Move the driver's seat as far forward as possible and lay the backrest.

4. Shake the preparation and leave it behind the driver's seat.

5. Press the spray button until it locks. Get out of the car.

6. After about 10 minutes the refreshing should finish. You can enter the car. Throw away the used container and ventilate the car before driving.

7. Set recirculation to open circuit.



An efficient air conditioning system has a positive effect on comfort and increases driving safety. It was found that prolonged driving in an overheated car could result in an accident. For efficient operation, it is recommended to regularly refresh the air conditioning system along with the replacement of the cabin filter once a year or every 15000 km. Unpleasant odors come out of the air conditioning because of the fungi growing there, which can cause allergies. Air conditioning should be used all year round, when the air conditioning is on, it dries the air perfectly and protects the windows against fogging. The use of air conditioning in winter ensures proper lubrication of system components. In summer, in order to quickly cool down the heated interior of the car, first open the windows and ventilate the car, then turn on the air conditioning. If possible, park in the shade. After switching off the air conditioning, the blowing fan should work for a while. It is recommended to use the air conditioning wisely by setting the temperature not lower than +21° C and the temperature difference not higher than 7 ° C in relation to the outside temperature. In this way, after leaving the car, we are not exposed to too high a temperature jump and a risk of colds. Using air conditioning increases fuel consumption by approximately 0.5 l / 100 km.

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