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Faster is better — and more profitable.

The Advantage Engineering Engine Flush is performed with the engine off (also known as a “static flush”). During the process Advantage Engineering Engine Flush Solution is circulated through the crankcase. Compatible with all engine bearing surfaces and elastomers, this solution dissolves and suspends contaminant buildup which are then removed by ultra-fine filters. Your technicians can perform this safe and efficient service in about 15 minutes. With a patented and comprehensive selection of spin-on and canister adapter applications, an Advantage Engineering Engine Flush System will allow you to service virtually all cars and light trucks sold in North America. Contact us should you need an adapter for an application we cannot currently accommodate.

A fountain of youth for a car engine.

Developed in the late 80s, we call it a “complete oil change” as this process allows us the ability to remove virtually all of the carry over oil that a typical oil change leaves behind.  Clean oil contains less unburned hydrocarbons and fewer contaminants.  The result is less friction.  Cleaner oil also means reduced emissions and a smoother running engine for extended engine life.

Green is the new black.

Everyone is going green.  This environmental consciousness, consistently reflected in our equipment and chemistries, is a cornerstone of AEC Group Inc.’s position as a world leader in enhanced fluid maintenance equipment. With our ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING ENGINE FLUSH SYSTEM you can help your customers be a bit greener by reducing sludge build up in engines of cars and trucks.

Why Engine Flush from AEC?

AEC Group Inc. proudly designs and builds all of its equipment in it’s Santa Ana, CA facility utilizing locally sourced components whenever possible.  We stand by our products with a limited 1 year warranty, ongoing training and responsive service staff.

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