Ceramic Coating

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Malco EPIC™ Ceramic Coating Starter Kit – Protects vehicle exteriors and provides a high gloss finish. Includes 6 professional grade products to add ceramic protection to your car’s finish (800215).

EASY PREPARATION: Prep wash easily removes dirt, grime, brake dust, and other soils. Prep wipe quickly prepares vehicle surfaces for ceramic coating application.

LONG LASTING PROTECTION: Our EPIC™ Ceramic Coating provides years of protection from UV rays, water spots, fallout, brake dust, dirt, pollutants, calcium, and grime that can adhere to and harm your vehicle’s finish.

BRILLIANT SHINE: Our EPIC™ Ceramic Coating leaves a high gloss shine that is unparalleled and easy to upkeep.


• EPIC™ Prep Wash Concentrate (#109608)
• EPIC™ Final Prep Wipe (#190716)
• EPIC™ Ceramic Coating, 30ml (#02058)
• Applicator (#801038)
• Suede Cloths (#810104)
• Ultra-Soft Edgeless Microfiber Towel (#800136)

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